German non-profit flushes away right-wing hate | News | DW | 15.09.2017
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German non-profit flushes away right-wing hate

A German organization is pulping Nazi pamphlets and turning it into toilet paper. The material the group deems hateful gets recycled into soft bathroom tissue.

A Hamburg non-profit will turn hate-filled election campaign material into toilet paper as part of a campaign for tolerance launched last week.

Goldeimer and its volunteers plan to collect election material that they deem hateful and then recycle it into soft toilet paper after the election as part of a "hate is for assholes" campaign.

"In Germany, hatred has once again taken hold of the political climate. This is somewhat unfortunate," the non-profit wrote on its website.

"That is why Goldeimer is calling for a hate-free election campaign. Up until the federal election, all campaign material that incites hatred and causes hurt will be taken out of circulation.

"Afterwards, from the crude slogans, we will make a velvety-soft special edition toilet paper."

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The upcycling process

Hate gets recycled to toilet paper and donations go to a victims' support group, the group's posters read

The group said any money raised will be donated to the CURA organization, which aids victims of right-wing violence.

Goldeimer normally produces composting toilets and campaigns for sustainability and global access to sanitation. It produces a regular run of toilet paper which is distributed to festivals and sold to its supporters.

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The organization asked its volunteers to collect material produced by national socialists (Nazis). It insisted that it was not calling for the destruction or theft of election material, asking volunteers to limit their actions to salvaging posters and flyers from the rubbish.

Goldeimer opened up pre-orders for its special edition toilet paper with a minimum cost of €5 ($6) per roll with higher amounts gladly accepted.

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