Further rail strikes in Germany | DW Travel | DW | 21.04.2015

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Further rail strikes in Germany

After freight train strikes, Germany’s train drivers’ will also interrupt passenger service as of Wednesday. While a substitute schedule has been put into place, travelers should still expect delays and cancellations.

The strike for passenger trains begins on Wednesday at 2:00 a.m. and continues until Thursday at 9 p.m. An internet link has been set up to inform passengers about schedule changes up to 12 hours in advance of planned departure. In cases of delay exceeding 60 minutes, ticket holders may forgo travel and are thus eligible for a full refund.

Regional, intercity and urban rail services (S-bahn) will also be affected in and around Berlin. A replacement schedule and the information updates will be posted on Twitter. About 30 percent of regular service is to be maintained. The strike will not affect bus or underground subway (U-bahn) service in the capital.

Further information is also available at bahn.de/aktuell. There customers can find replacement schedules for regional trains or they can call the Deutsche Bahn service number to receive updates regarding timetable information. The number is 0180 6996633 (20 cents/call from a landline, mobile rates up to 60 cents/call). Another Deutsche Bahn service number (08000 99 66 33) is available to customers free of charge.

fm / ks (dpa, rbb-online)