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Discover Frankfurt

July 31, 2012

Frankfurt is the first port of call for many visitors to Germany – thanks largely to its airport, a major hub. But the city is certainly worth exploring in its own right, for its architecture, history and museums.


Frankfurt is the biggest financial center in Germany, so be sure to take a tour of the banking district with its prominent skyscrapers.  But despite the modern look of its skyline, the city's history takes you back to Roman times.  Enjoy a visit to the famous medieval Römer building (the original town hall) as well as the cathedral, where the Holy Roman Emperor was crowned for more than 200 years.

The reconstructed Roman fort Sallburg
The reconstructed Roman fort SallburgImage: DW

There's history and culture at every corner you turn in Frankfurt. It has an extremely high concentration of museums, among them the famous Städel Museum with its underground extension which opened at the start of 2012.

For a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the city, try a trip to the Taunus region northwest of Frankfurt. The low mountains and forests are ideal for hikers and mountain-bikers alike. There are also half-timbered facades and castle ruins to admire – plus the Saalburg, a reconstructed Roman fort.  Any visit to the Taunus region would be incomplete without stopping by the spa town of Bad Homburg. 

Bad Homburg - Three Travel Tips

From Visit Germany
Editor: Sue Cox

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