France′s Macron pens birthday poem for British schoolgirl | News | DW | 03.11.2017
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France's Macron pens birthday poem for British schoolgirl

A UK teen wrote the French president a poem about the Eiffel Tower after a trip to Paris. A lover of literature, Macron has written young Sophie a response.

French President Emmanuel Macron has bestowed one British schoolgirl with a rare birthday gift – he wrote a poem to celebrate as she turned 13. The girl, named only as Sophie, had also written one to the French president after she visited Paris with her family in April.

The two poems were shared by the French Embassy in London. Sophie's poem, titled "Centre of Attention," describes looking up at a human-like Eiffel Tower, who "looks over everyone / With her head in the clouds."

Macron's verse opens "On a trip to Paris one day, little Sophie / Met a giant lady lighting up the night sky."

The poem continues in the voice of the Eiffel Tower, speaking to the girl.

President Macron is well-known for his love of literature and the arts. He has been known to recite lines from playwright Moliere by heart and was recently in Germany to open the Frankfurt Book Fair with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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