Fishing for water in the clouds | Global Ideas | DW | 08.11.2016
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Global Ideas

Fishing for water in the clouds

Water scarcity has long been a problem for those living in Morocco's Anti-Atlas mountain range. Harvesting fog for water could help.  

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Catching fog in the Moroccan mountains

Project area: Anti-Atlas Mountains, Southwest Morocco
Project goals: Providing water to locals, reducing the women's water-gathering chores, improving quality of life in surrounding communities  
Project partners:NGO Dar Si Hmad,German Water Foundation 
Biodiversity: The Anti-Atlas is part of the larger Atlas mountain range, which stretches across shrubland, alpine and wetland ecosystems, and include species unique in Africa, including the Barbary macaque and the Atlas cedar

Water is a scarce and precious resource in the communities around Mount Boutmezguida in Morocco's Anti-Atlas mountain range. The region is one of the driest in the country - a situation worsened by climate change. But one thing the area does have is plenty of fog. That gave the people at nongovernmental organization Dar Si Hmad the idea to implement an innovative and eco-friendly technology to improve the lives of the farmers living in the area. They have installed large nets on the hilltops that harvest fog for drinking water, helping to improve the lives of those in surrounding communities. Three years ago, they brought the German Water Foundation onboard to improve the durability of the nets and assure that they can harvest as much water as possible.

A film by Mabel Gundlach

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