Far-right demo disrupts arrival of migrants in Dortmund | News | DW | 06.09.2015

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Far-right demo disrupts arrival of migrants in Dortmund

Far-right extremists tried to disrupt the arrival of nearly 1,000 refugees in the city of Dortmund in western Germany last night. The police made several arrests.

Germany's approach to Europe's migrant crisis has widely been celebrated as a success. With Chancellor Angela Merkel easing travel conditions and scores of Germans welcoming refugees with care packages and applause at train stations, the country showed itself prepared to welcome thousands of new arrivals in the coming days.

But the latest events did not fail to attract the attention of Germany's far-right. While a train carrying almost 1,000 migrants arrived at the central station in Dortmund in western Germany on Saturday night, 26 supporters of the far-right party "Die Rechte" staged a protest rally.

Arrests and injuries

The group moved through the city center and later defied police by trying to enter the train station itself, leading to clashes with about 30 left-wing activists there.

Bystanders were also caught up in the violence, with three police officers and one bystander suffering injuries.

Authorities made four arrests, during which they reportedly had to resort to the use of pepper spray. Meanwhile, local officials tried to make sure that refugees arriving at the station did not witness the clashes.

Arson attack

In a separate incident in the city, a fire broke out in a disused school building earmarked for use as a refugee home. Police are investigating it as a potential arson attack.

Dortmund expects the arrival of roughly 1,400 refugees this weekend alone.

ss/bk (dpa, AFP)

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