Eurostar travel disruption forecast in latest no-deal Brexit advice | News | DW | 13.10.2018
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Eurostar travel disruption forecast in latest no-deal Brexit advice

From international trains to Netflix access — more areas of everyday life have been listed if Britain crashes out of the EU without an agreement. DW takes a look at some of the UK government's latest Brexit notices.

The British government has been issuing advice on how citizens should prepare for life in the event of a no-deal Brexit after March next year.

The list is getting longer and longer.

Here are the latest points:

International railway travel

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, Eurostar travel between London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam could face disruption. The British government said it may have to negotiate new terms and conditions with individual countries, and that passengers should take out insurance.

Rail safety

According to one of the 76 no-deal Brexit notices issued on Friday, UK-based train operators running domestic services in an EU country will have to re-apply for a safety certificate. This rule will also be applicable to new operators wishing to run new services in an EU country.

Consumer rights

A no-deal Brexit would mean an absence of legal protection for UK consumers if they buy a product from an EU member state which turns out to be faulty. "There will no longer be reciprocal obligations on the UK or EU member states to investigate breaches of consumer laws or take forward enforcement actions," a notice said.

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EU professionals

Lawyers who have degrees from an European Economic Area (EEA) state but no approval from England, Wales or Northern Ireland to use the title of solicitor or barrister will have to take legal steps to ensure they can still work in the UK.


Britain's fishing boats would not be allowed into EU waters if Britain leaves the EU without a deal. They will also not be allowed to land their catch at EU ports.

"There will be no automatic access to exchanging fishing opportunities with EU member states, and no automatic access for EU member states to exchange fishing opportunities with the UK," the notice said.

Waste disposal

According to the latest advice, British exporters would require new licenses to export waste to EU countries and "would need to familiarize themselves with the customs guidelines the EU has laid down for imports of waste from outside the EU."

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Eurostar launches London-Amsterdam route

Animal breeding

In the absence of a deal, UK-based breeders would not be automatically entitled to transports animals for breeding in stud or other farms. This would have an impact on the bodies involved in breeding and cross-border sale of thoroughbred dogs, horse and bulls.

"A recognized UK breed society or breeding operation would no longer be automatically entitled to enter their pedigree breeding animals into an equivalent breeding book in the EU, and would have no right to extend a breeding program into the EU,” said the notice.

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Online access

For British Internet users, online access to services like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime would not be possible while they were travelling in Europe. Regarding the "portability of online content service," a notice published on 24 September but previously unreported said: "The portability regulation will cease to apply to UK nationals when they travel to the EU."

There are more notices to come in the next weeks. 

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UK government offers advice for 'no-deal' Brexit

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