Empowerment through livestock breeding | Africa | DW | 29.07.2021

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Empowerment through livestock breeding

In Niger's Damagaram region, women have a long tradition of raising cows and sheep. Despite the rising costs of keeping the livestock, these women are driven by their passion for their animals.

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Breeding livestock is an ancestral practice for women in the Zinder region of southeast Niger. It's an important source of income for the women.

Livestock breeding is the second most important economic activity in Niger after agriculture. The women either inherit their cows from their parents or buy them through anti-poverty programs. They check on their animals daily, feeding and milking them. 

But it is not all about cows. The women also keep goats and sheep. They worry about the scarcity and high cost of animal feed. But for these women, livestock breeding isn't just about profit, it's also a passion.