Eco-friendly orphanage | Global Ideas | DW | 14.05.2013
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Global Ideas

Eco-friendly orphanage

The children in an orphanage near Kathmandu don’t have to worry about a steady supply of light, heat and energy. Even after the sun sets, green power keeps the orphanage going.

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Project goal: Supplying an orphanage with green energy, hot water and light

Components: Two solar panels (light), two solar thermal plants (hot water) & biomass briquettes

Project size: 60 children are benefitting from the green orphanage

Located around10 kilometers outside of Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu, the Jharuwarashi orphanage is investing in eco-friendly ways to replace expensive firewood. The children themselves gather leaves and used school notebooks to manufacture biomass briquettes, while solar thermal systems on the roof heat the building’s water. On top of that, two small solar modules provide light when the sun goes down. Now, the orphanage is also planning to use the dung emitted by buffaloes grazing the lands to power a biogas plant, a move that would completely cut the orphanage's reliance on using firewood for power.

A film by Wolf Gebhardt

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