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Dressing for the queen: Royal wedding dress code

Courtney Tenz
May 19, 2018

Invitations to the wedding of the year were limited to "just" 600 guests at the ceremony and included a strict dress code for members of the royal family, as well as big name celebrities from both sides of the Atlantic.

At the wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Image: Reuters/J. Brady

A royal wedding always makes for a great people-watching occasion. When it comes to dressing with a bit of flare, no one does it better than the British.

The marriage of Prince Harry to the US actor Meghan Markle was no different, with celebrities from the United States and Britain arriving adorned in their Sunday best for the church ceremony. Although many of the details were kept private in advance, including the guest list and the designer of Markle's dress, it was expected that even guests who had never before attended a royal wedding would follow the strict dress code.

Page boys and flower girls being led up the steps at the royal wedding
Among the page boys and flower girls were Prince George and Princess CharlotteImage: Reuters/J. Barlow

That dress code included tuxedos or suits for men, with a tie. Women were required to wear a knee-length dress with hat. Bare legs and bare shoulders were forbidden.

And, as usual, though the dress code was strictly adhered to, the women in attendance had quite a bit of fun with their headwear.

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson displays a standard hat with veilImage: picture-alliance/dpa/PA Wire/G. Fuller

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