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Fußball Bundesliga 13. Spieltag Borussia Dortmund gegen Eintracht Frankfurt
Image: Getty Images/M. Hangst

Dortmund's 'cabinet of curiosities'

Matt Zuvela
November 30, 2014

Borussia Dortmund end matchday 13 at the foot of the German top-flight: the first time they have done so in 29 years. Questions about Klopp's future have been raised as well, but he still feels up to the job.


Borussia Dortmund, for all their problems this season, are getting good at one thing: shooting themselves in the foot.

Their match on Sunday against Eintracht Frankfurt - like many others this season - was a sloppy affair, but there was no reason Dortmund couldn't have equalized after Alexander Meier's goal in the fifth minute to at least come away with a point.

But, as is becoming all to common with Dortmund this season, one particular mistake stood out like a sore thumb.

A miscue between defender Matthias Ginter and keeper Roman Weidenfeller was an early Christmas present for Haris Seferovic and Frankfurt; and another bad game spiraled completely out of control for Dortmund.

After the match, the last of the weekend in the Bundesliga, Dortmund's dire straits were more glaring than ever: they were last in the table with nowhere to hide.

Fans vent their rage

That wasn't lost on the fans who filled the visitors block in Frankfurt, who weren't shy about sharing their displeasure with the team in whistles, shouts, and unfriendly hand gestures.

Fußball Bundesliga 13. Spieltag Borussia Dortmund gegen Eintracht Frankfurt Tor
Haris Seferovic takes advantage of a criminal error to seal the winImage: Reuters/K. Pfaffenbach

"Of course that was going to happen," said Dortmund coach Jürgen Klopp of the fans' reaction. "We're not making it easy for them, that much has to be said."

Speaking of the Ginter-Weidenfeller stumble that gave the game to Frankfurt, Klopp said the goal belonged in Dortmund's "cabinet of curiosities," which is becoming pretty full of late.

Eight losses from 13 Bundesliga games, a firm position in last place, and the inevitable venting of frustration from the fans – the only thing left to do in a footballing crisis is speculate on the coach's future, which Klopp was prepared to do after the loss to Frankfurt.

"I consider myself fully responsible," Klopp said after the match. "Until someone comes along and tells me we've got someone who can do better, I can't leave."

Referring to the idea that a new coach might bring a change of fortune to the team, Klopp said "If it was only based on luck, and if a coaching change was guaranteed to bring the luck back, then I would make the way free. But it's not that simple."

Klopp doesn't see himself leaving Dortmund anytime soon, and more importantly, his bosses feel the same. Sporting director Michael Zorc said "we're convinced we can get out of this situation with [Klopp]."

Zorc is right to continue to trust Klopp. No one seriously believes Dortmund will actually be relegated, including Frankfurt goalscorer Alex Meier: "Dortmund can't drop down. They're just too good."

That trust has an expiration date, however, and Klopp knows it. This season is already a write-off, but as plans start to be made for next season, Dortmund need to know they have a man in the driver's who can start nailing the cabinet of curiosities shut.

If Klopp can't find a hammer, the day will come when he's told by his bosses at Dortmund: "We've got someone better."

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