Deutsche Telekom to Invest €250 Million | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 07.03.2005
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Deutsche Telekom to Invest €250 Million

Deutsche Telekom, Europe's largest phone company, plans to invest €250 million ($330 million) in new products at its T-Com fixed-line unit in 2005 as the company seeks to stem a two-year drop in revenue from traditional calls, according to Bloomberg News. Deutsche Telekom will offer Web-based phone services starting next week, and introduce Internet access with transmission speed of as much as six megabits a second, or 100 times the speed of a dial-up link, by mid-year, Walter Raizner, head of T-Com, said Monday at a press conference in Bonn, where the company is based. "Our main target is to improve broadband availability and usage, and our goal is to achieve a total of 10 million broadband customers in Germany by 2007," Raizner said according to Bloomberg.

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