Copenhagen: Police close part of airport over ′odd size luggage′ | News | DW | 12.09.2017
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Copenhagen: Police close part of airport over 'odd size luggage'

Danish police have reopened one of the main terminals at Copenhagen airport, after it was evacuated earlier in the morning. Would-be passengers have been told to still expect delays at Scandinavia's busiest airport.

Danish police on Tuesday had closed parts of one of the main terminals at Copenhagen's international airport, citing a suspicious-looking package.

"The police have now completed the operation at CPH (Copenhagen airport) and closures at Terminal 2 have been lifted," airport officials wrote on Twitter. Copenhagen police, meanwhile, said they were still investigating the incident.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, authorities had evacuated Terminal 2 due to a piece of "odd size luggage." The terminal was closed off for around two hours.

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'Traffic problems'

Copenhagen police said they expected the incident to "lead to traffic problems." Aviation authorities warned would-be passengers that they may experience delays and cancellations.

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Police have yet to offer further details concerning the package or whether they were tipped off.

The airport is considered the busiest in the Nordic region, servicing roughly 80,000 passengers daily.

ls/kms (AFP, dpa)

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