Climate education in Mexico | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 28.12.2010

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Climate education in Mexico

Project Aim: Pass on specialist knowledge to young climate researchers from all over the world.
Measures: Grants for one-year research trips to German universities

Project size: 60 young scientists

Project investment: 2 million euros (around $2.63 million)

In order for climate protection to be successful, it has to be advanced the world over, and in order to achieve that, multilateral co-operation is key. The Alexander-von- Humboldt Foundation offers grants enabling young scientists from emerging and developing countries to spend time at German organizations and universities. They’re meant to research and learn how their own countries can improve climate protection. GLOBAL IDEAS accompanied Kristy Peña Muñoz, a young Mexican who has received such a grant to research biogas generated in sewage sludge. The current policy in Mexico is to simply dump it, but Kristy wants to turn it into energy.

A film by Grit Hofmann

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