Children′s project in the Andes | Global Ideas | DW | 28.02.2012
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Global Ideas

Children's project in the Andes

In Chile, children in a mountain village are designing their own world by planting trees.

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Project goal: Inspire young people to get involved in saving the climate
Project size: Reforesting 3,300 square meters of land
Project cost: 20,000 euros ($26,475)
Number of trees planted: 2,000

Millions of Facebook users plant crops and tend to their own farm in the popular online game Farmville. Children in a Chilean valley are doing the same - but in real time. “Valley and earth for our children” is the name of a new and promising climate project in Chile. High up in the Andes mountains, village children work in their own garden, planting trees in order to get to know Mother Nature and discover ways to better protect her. Each child receives his or her own small plot of land and free rein to plant and design as they see fit. The project means a great deal to the children, often providing an escape from difficult conditions at home or in the region. The young climate campaigners are already planting trees for their next big project about 20 kilometers away from the village – a real forest for children.

A film by Claudia Laszczak

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