′Broomstick Robber′ tries to extort millions from Bayern Munich | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 23.02.2016
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'Broomstick Robber' tries to extort millions from Bayern Munich

A former bank robber has tried to extort millions worth of cash and diamonds from Bayern Munich football club. Known as the "Broomstick Robber" he has 17 counts of robbery to his name.

A man formerly known as the "Broomstick Robber" has been charged after allegedly trying to extort millions in cash and diamonds from Bayern.

The Bundesliga side reportedly received two letters from the 63-year-old man on February 9 and 15, in which he threatened to use bombs and drones if the club did not hand over one million euros in cash and two millions euros worth of diamonds.

The suspect was arrested on Monday by Munich police, stating that he was a notorious former robber who was sentenced to a 13-year jail sentence on 17 counts of bank robbery in 1999.

The man was freed on parole 10 years later.

The name "Broomstick Robber" came from his tendency to hold hostages and lock doors in banks he had robbed with a broomstick. He amassed millions in his run of robberies before being caught by authorities.

The suspect appeared before a judge on Tuesday. The Munich club has made no comment.

sb/rc (AFP)