Berlinale 2018 rolls out the red carpet | Film | DW | 15.02.2018

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Berlinale 2018 rolls out the red carpet

Amid statements of protest against sexual harrasment in the film industry, international screen stars have graced the red carpet for the Berlinale's opening film, Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs."

The 68th Berlin International Film Festival has opened with the screening of "Isle of Dogs" by Wes Anderson, and preceded by a cavalcade of international celebrities who walked the red carpet — some clad in black, a symbol of solidarity with the #MeToo movement. More than 1,600 guests are expected to attend the gala on Berlin's Potsdamer Platz. By September 25, a grand total 385 films from 78 countries will have been shown and the jury will have to decide on the recipients of the Silver and Golden bear prizes.

But until then, check out film world luminaries who have descended on the red carpet for Berlinale's opening night.    

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