Australian pythons discovered in northern German town | News | DW | 20.08.2016
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Australian pythons discovered in northern German town

Residents experienced a slithery surprise when two pythons were discovered in the northern German town of Reinfeld. Authorities have yet to find the owner of the fugitive reptiles.

The second of two Australian pythons to be found this week was discovered on Saturday by surprised passers-by, local police and media reported.

An expert from the area was called in to catch the carpet snake, which was found slithering near a grassy area in the town of around 8,500 people. Both reptiles measured some two and a half meters in length.

"Hopefully there aren't anymore," a spokesperson for the police said, according to German news agency DPA.

Authorities suspect someone let the snakes loose on purpose, although they haven't identified a suspect.

In Lower Saxony, meanwhile, three other snakes were discovered when a motorist found a suspicious bag in a parking lot. The person called the police, who promptly took the constrictors to a local wildlife sanctuary.

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