An international look at Germany | Your Topics | DW | 14.02.2014
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Your Topics

An international look at Germany

I would find the following topics interesting:

  • Is Germany perceived as a "strong economy" outside of Europe?
  • What is Germany's contribution to innovation that currently seems to be happening all over the world?
  • What is "real German music?”

The main reason for my interest is that in spite of all its achievements and a good relationship with countries like India, little is known about Germany even among the educated classes. Maybe this could just be a language limitation. In India we read most of the news about English-speaking countries like the UK and the USA. On the other hand we have a rather uninformed perception of other “big” countries like Germany. Maybe this comes from the large amount of people from other countries living in Germany.

Sent by: Pradeep from India
Edited by: Kerstin Boljahn