An all new eco@africa | eco@africa | DW | 14.10.2016
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An all new eco@africa

On this week's eco@africa, we visit Kenya for a special surprise, find out why construction on an airport near Istanbul is causing problems and how a solar backpack is helping kids study across Africa. Plus much more.

We've got lots in store for you on this week's show. We head to Nairobi, Kenya, where DW, Channels TV and new Kenyan partner KTN kicked-off a new direction for eco@Africa. As the first pan-African environment show, Edith Kimani (pictured above) will present from Nairobi and  Nneota Egbe from Lagos.  They'll also  bring you the same mix of interesting and exciting stories from the ground in Africa and Europe.  

Staying in Kenya, we check out a solar backpack that allows kids to harness the power of the sun on their way to and from school. That means they can do their homework at night by the light of a green energy lamp and dump polluting and unhealthy kerosene. 

We also take a trip to Turkey where construction on the country's third airport is underway. It's set to be the world's largest airport but not everyone is happy about the project. Environmentalists say much important forest and animal habitat have been lost to make way for the sprawling complex. And farmers have been forced off their land too. Tune in for these stories and much more.

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