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Afghanistan's Taliban bans women from amusement parks

November 9, 2022

Afghanistan's ultra-conservative authorities have ordered that women should no longer be allowed to enter amusement parks. The decree comes after a wider announcement restricting access to public spaces.

In this photograph taken on November 26, 2021, Afghan youths enjoy at an amusement park in Kabu
Women will no longer be allowed to enter amusement parksImage: Hector Retamal/AFP/Getty Images

Afghanistan's "morality police" on Wednesday ordered that all amusement parks in the country must now refuse entry to women.

The ban adds to a slew of curtailments to freedom Afghan women already face, as the Taliban ratchets up restrictions on public life after its return to power in August 2021.

What do we know so far?

A spokesperson for the country's Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (MPVPV) confirmed that women would not be allowed to enter amusement parks. 

Two park operators, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Reuters news agency that the Taliban had told them not to allow women to enter their parks.

It was unclear how the restrictions would work alongside a previous MPVPV rule that said parks must be segregated by gender with some days set aside for women.

That rule applied more generally to all public parks, including open spaces, and public baths. 

Afghan women insist on right to education

Part of wider curbing of liberty

Since the chaotic withdrawal of NATO forces paved the way for the Taliban's comeback last year, Afghanistan's new hardline rulers have deprived girls of getting a secondary education. The group made its U-turn on indications it would open all girls' high schools in March.

Taliban authorities have suppressed activists who have protested for women's rights to education, work and freedom, and there has been an increase in murders of women that go unpunished. 

The group has also told women they should not leave the home without a male relative and must cover their faces. 

Women have been removed from public service positions except where they cannot be filled by men in education, health, and some elements of policing. 

A UN report in August noted that "the increasingly dangerous and hopeless situation for women and girls has contributed to a reported increase of suicides among women."

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