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Portrait photo of blonde woman with red blazer and black blouse
Adelheid Feilcke heads DW's Europe programs

Adelheid Feilcke

In charge of the 10 DW language services for the extended European region between the Baltic Sea, the Adriatic and the Black Sea.

Reliable, critical, close-up - those are Adelheid Feilcke's guiding principles in reporting for and about central and southeastern Europe.

The tensions between cultural diversity, nationalism and the desire for European unity go to furnish the energy behind the stories and topics dealt with by the European language services. Adelheid Feilcke has been in charge of DW's multimedia content in what are now 10 languages from Poland to Greece since 2016. She aims to contribute to a critical and constructive discourse about social and political issues as well as potential future scenarios in the target areas.

Adelheid Feilcke came to DW in 1992 and helped establish the Albanian service, which she headed for 13 years. Subsequently, she was, among other things, in charge of the International Relations and Culture departments. Her focus: Western Balkans, EU expansion and cultural diversity and identity in Europe.

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