A new Brothers Grimm Museum opens | DW Travel | DW | 03.09.2015
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A new Brothers Grimm Museum opens

Dedicated to the lives and fairy tales of the famous Brothers Grimm, the Grimmwelt is a new museum which opens on Friday (04.09.2015) in Kassel.

The Grimmwelt took two years to build, at a cost of 200 million euros (over $222 million). The museum explores the many levels of research undertaken by the Grimm brothers, academics who meticulously collected fairy tales. "Here art, culture and nature will unite in a magical way to strengthen the cultural appeal of our city," said the city's Director of Cultural Affairs Dorothée Rhiemeier.

In the 1,600 square meters of the exhibition halls, original versions of books such as their first collection of folk tales "Children's and Household Tales" are on display. This document belongs to the UNESCO World Documentary Heritage. In addition to the permanent exhibition, two to three temporary exhibitions per year are planned. The first one will be about hair, as it plays a role in many of their fairy tales, such as in "Rapunzel".

"The visitors can explore magical fairy-tale worlds, plunge into the world of language and discover the entire depth of the Grimms' creative work though historical objects, interactive displays and a variety of works of art," said the managing director of the Grimmwelt, Susanne Völker.

The organizers expect around 80,000 visitors per year. The city of Kassel hopes that the Grimmwelt museum will contribute to strengthening its image, just like the international art exhibition "documenta" has.

at/eg (dpa)