10 Bavarian expressions you need to survive Oktoberfest | Lifestyle | DW | 15.09.2017
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10 Bavarian expressions you need to survive Oktoberfest

Want to fit in at the world's biggest beer festival? Then grab your Bavarian-style outfit and brush up on your language skills. The Bavarians speak their own brand of German.

Since most Oktoberfest revelers dress in traditional Bavarian garb for the party, why not learn to speak the part too? 

These handy Bavarian expressions will help you meet locals, stay fed - and even pee - while you're at the world's most famous beer festival. 

This year, Oktoberfest is ceremoniously opened by the Munich mayor on September 16 and runs through October 3, which also happens to be the German national holiday that commemorates reunification. 

However, if you can't make it to Munich in time, then there are plenty of Oktoberfest knock-offs that take place around the world. Why not show off your new Bavarian skills at German-style beer festivals in China, Brazil or Georgia? 

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For more on German beer culture, click through the gallery below. 


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