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Xavier Naidoo, Copyright: DW

Anti-war song goes viral as Germany approves Syria mission

Kate Müser
December 4, 2015

Controversial German soul singer Xavier Naidoo and his group Söhne Mannheims posted an anti-war song protesting Germany's military involvement in Syria. It's quickly become an Internet success.


"Nie mehr Krieg" (No more war) is the title of the song recorded by German pop star Xavier Naidoo and his long-time band Söhne Mannheims. "No more war. If we can't say that, then there's something wrong," is the chorus. "Those who profit from war are annoyed when they lose their propaganda war."

The video was posted Thursday (03.12.2015) exclusively on the Facebook page of well known journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer, who has published extensively on the Middle East. Todenhöfer wrote that the video was a joint protest against war in general and in particular against Germany's military involvement in Syria.

On Friday morning, the German parliament, the Bundestag, overwhelmingly approved a non-combat mission to support the coalition in the fight against the "Islamic State." The mission is to include reconnaissance and a frigate.

By Friday, the Söhne Mannheims' video had been viewed well over 2 million times.

Naidoo back in the public eye

Xavier Naidoo recently made headlines when he was selected by German broadcaster ARD to represent Germany at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. His participation was hastily revoked when it sparked a backlash against the controversial singer, with critics citing his links with right-wing groups.

In 2014, the German artist with Indian and African heritage gave a speech at a gathering at the right-wing populist Reich Citizens' Movement, which does not accept Germany as a sovereign state. In a TV interview in 2011, he stated that Germany was an "occupied country."

A spokesman for Germany's Lesbian and Gay Federation (LSVD) had criticized the nomination as well, saying Naidoo's lyrics are "full of fantasies of violence against homosexuals."

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