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Will the West stand by Ukraine against Putin?

December 13, 2021

As Russian troops gather on the border with Ukraine, what is Vladimir Putin planning? Could the stand-off trigger full-scale conflict? Guests: Gesine Dornblüth (freelance journalist), Thomas Wiegold (military expert), Roman Goncharenko (DW)

To the Point Deu Eng | Dornblüth Gesine
Image: DW


GESINE DORNBLÜTH, journalist and author, an expert on Russia and the post-Soviet world. She points out that: "Putin has already shifted the focus of the debate: It’s not at all a looming war. But a war that’s been going on for nearly eight years."



To the Point Deu Eng | Thomas Wiegold
Image: DW


THOMAS WIEGOLD, military expert and blogger. He says: “Even without actual military action, Putin again demonstrates how he can provoke serious disruption in the NATO alliance.”



To the Point Deu Eng | Goncharenko Roman
Image: DW


ROMAN GONCHARENKO, Ukraine expert from Deutsche Welle’s Eastern Europe desk in Bonn. He argues that: "Russia is not going to start open warfare with Ukraine. At least not any time soon. The West should therefore adopt a hybrid approach and offer Ukraine a real EU perspective.” 

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