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Why India Wants to Build a Great Green Wall

June 14, 2024

India plans to create a ‘Great Green Wall’ in the Aravalli Hills to stop desertification and dust storms plaguing the greater Delhi area.

DW Eco India | Aravalli:
Image: DW

But can a barrier of trees really hold back the Thar desert while the Aravalli range continues to be degraded?


DW Sendung Eco India | Fire
A Wildfire in the Arunachala hillsImage: Tamil Nadu Forest Department

Fighting fire to restore forest in the sacred Arunachala hills

Years of indiscriminate logging and forest fires destroyed much of the landscape of the Arunachala Hills, home to the sacred Thiruvannamalai site. Intense fire prevention efforts are paying off - the area is lush again and wildlife is returning.


Wildfires in Spain

Wildfires are on the rise in Spain due to persistent heat and drought. Prevention teams are working to head off fires in risky locations by clearing brush and digging ditches.


DW Sendung ECO INDIA 26.05.2023
Farmers in Meghalaya practice traditional agroforestryImage: DW

Farmers in Meghalaya practice traditional agroforestry

Farmers in the Indian state of Meghalaya make an important contribution to biodiversity through the use of traditional cultivation practices.




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