Welcome to eco@africa | Environment| All topics from climate change to conservation | DW | 22.03.2018
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Welcome to eco@africa

On eco@africa, we find out why South Africa's corals are so resilient, meet the microbiologist making gowns from milk and the man promoting hybrid cars in Nigeria. Those stories and much more on this week's show!

This week's eco@africa is jam-packed full of exciting stories from Africa and Europe. Is it our greenest episode yet? Join us and find out! 

At the top of the show, we're diving into waters off the coast of South Africa to find out why coral reefs there have so far remained relatively unscathed in the face of global warming. What is their secret and how can it be used to help other reefs around the world?

Then we take a trip to Germany's woodlands, where one group is trying to get children off their smartphones and into the forest to learn about nature. 

After that, we find out about the organization trying to wean Zimbabwean farmers off their dependence on maize. They want to promote local grains that are better suited to a changing climate. 

Then our reporters take to the road in Nigeria to meet an eco hero who is trying to ease the country's traffic congestion and air pollution problems by promoting hybrid cars. 

From green cars to green fashions: German microbiologist, Anke Domaske, talks to us about her milk-fiber creations. To finish off the show, we visit Uganda where corn waste is helping fight deforestation.

We hope you enjoy the show!  

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