Vettel escapes punishment for foul-mouthed rant | F1 | DW | 01.11.2016
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Vettel escapes punishment for foul-mouthed rant

The German Formula One driver unleashed a volley of expletives at the race director at the Mexican Grand Prix. But the former champion has avoided sanction "on an exceptional basis."

A sincere and quick apology to FIA race director Charlie Whiting straight after Sunday's race looks to have saved Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel from a potential race ban, as well as a letter of regret to FIA president Jean Todt.

The four-time champion was disgusted at the driving of Red Bull rival Max Verstappen - not for the first time - and did not mince his words over the radio.

Todt had the option of referring the case to a tribunal, but "has decided, on an exceptional basis, not to take discplinary action," the FIA said in a statement.

Vettel also vowed to apologize to Dutch teenager Verstappen and make sure such an incident never happened again.

The German finished fourth in the actual race, won by Lewis Hamilton, but was then promoted to third by race officials due to Verstappen having cut a corner on him in the final lap,

However, Vettel was later dropped back to fifth place after a 10-second penalty was imposed on him for moving dangerously while defending against Daniel Riccardo, who was in turn lifted up to third.

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