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Uta Thofern

Coordinates strategies and topics for online, TV and social-media content in Spanish and for Brazil.

When the Berlin Wall came down, Uta Thofern had been just three days in her first radio job in Luxembourg. Ever since then, global news has had her in its thrall...

After a stint at Berlin broadcaster RIAS, Uta moved to the state of Thuringia in 1992 and became head of news at the newly founded public broadcaster MDR. There, she was in charge of a mixed team from the East and the West, first in radio, then TV.

Many countries in Latin America are also familiar with new beginnings after the overthrow of a dictatorship, while some are still hoping for one. When she first came to DW as radio editor-in-chief for German/English, Uta already knew the region because of her many backpacking trips between Havana and Punta Arenas. She was then in charge of the Spanish and Brazilian online services before the multimedia services for the region were consolidated.

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