Twitter sues Turkey over fine for not removing ′terrorist propaganda′ | News | DW | 07.01.2016
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Twitter sues Turkey over fine for not removing 'terrorist propaganda'

The microblogging website has filed a lawsuit against the country in a Turkish court. The US company is challenging a penalty imposed upon it by the government.

Twitter representatives confirmed to multiple news organizations that the company was seeking to challenge a fine imposed by Ankara for not removing content the government considered "terrorist propaganda."

A source close to the case told Reuters news agency Twitter was arguing the fine was illegal. A lawyer for the company also confirmed to Al Jazeera that the case had been filed, but declined to provide further details.

Most of the content in question allegedly concerned the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a Kurdish separatist organization that both Ankara and Washington deem a terrorist organization.

Turkey has banned access to Twitter in the past for refusing to remove controversial content. However, the 150,000 lira (46,000 euros,$50,000) fine was the first such fine the country has ever imposed upon the company.

blc/rc (Reuters)

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