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Trumpet star Till Brönner plans Berlin jazz center

Kate Müser
November 21, 2016

Celebrity trumpet player Till Brönner is behind a plan to create a hub for jazz in Berlin, to rival New York's Jazz at Lincoln Center. The German Bundestag has already approved 12.5 million euros for the venue.

Berlin Till Brönner
Image: picture-alliance/Geisler-Fotopress

The Alte Münze venue in downtown Berlin is to be renovated and turned into a world-class hub for jazz music.

Last week, the German Bundestag set aside 12.5 million euros ($13.2 million) for the renovation and 50,000 euros for trumpet star Till Brönner (photo) to work out a detailed plan for the project.

It's time for "Germany and Berlin to become a central cultural hub, in which German and international guests experience concerts, talented musicians are supported, and exchange, research and tradition are fostered," read the initial proposal, as reported by the "Süddeutsche Zeitung."

Tim Renner, Berlin's secretary for cultural affairs and a former music manager, is behind the endeavor. Previously the head of MotorMusic, his label once had Brönner under contract.

Initial funding secure

Due to the upcoming federal elections and restructuring in Berlin's political cultural scene, Renner will soon be passing his position on to Klaus Lederer from the Left party. The House of Jazz can be seen as his parting venture.

While initial funding has been secured from the federal government, it remains unclear who will foot the bill for the regular upkeep of the facility.

Also up in the air is what will happen to the approximately 30 artists who are currently using the Alte Münze venue. According to "Berliner Zeitung," American neon artist Olivia Steele, techno producer Ferdinand Dreyssig and sustainable drink maker Lemonaid all have offices in the space.

However, Renner told "Berlin Zeitung" that only 4,000 of the total 10,000 square meters in the venue will be converted into the House of Jazz. The additional space - largely located in the basement - would lend itself well to activities that need soundproofing like rehearsal rooms or a club.