Trump goes it alone: Europe at a loss? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 07.06.2018
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Trump goes it alone: Europe at a loss?

US President Donald Trump is unyielding in his stance on protective tariffs on steel and aluminum. What are the consequences? Will it unite Europeans? Or divide them? Guests: Daryl Lindsey (Spiegel International), Laura v. Daniels (SWP), Ralph Freund (Republicans Overseas)

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Our guests:

Laura von Daniels is a senior fellow at the Berlin based think tank SWP. Her research focus is on the US economic policy and trade. She says: "The EU is currently doing a remarkable job at protecting its interests in very challenging times!" 


Ralph Freund is spokesman of the german section of "Republicans Overseas". He says: "There has been a trade imbalance for years between the US and the EU. The complaints of the Europeans about punitive tariffs are therefore not justified."



Daryl Lindsey is managing editor of Spiegel International. He says: "Europe is for the most part united against Trump on tariffs now, but what if this turns into a full-fledged trade war?"