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Deutschland Mehr als 10 000 Schüler demonstrieren in Berlin - Greta Thunberg dabei (Reuters/F. Bensch)

Young German climate activists

Germany's aging population

Heidelberg housing demand

2019: What's on Germans' minds?

German politics
European Parliament elections: May 23-26, 2019
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Berlin Stammtisch (DW/K. Brady)

Stammtisch - Weapon of choice: German arms sales

Berlin DW-Stammtisch (DW/Kate Brady)

Stammtisch - Tanze Samba mit mir: Germany and Latin America

 Tom Nuttall, Emmanuelle Chaze, Damien McGuinness und Michaela Küfner. (DW/K. Brady

Stammtisch - European elections: Who do EU think you are?

DW Stammtisch - Damien McGuinness, Emily Schultheis, Michaela Küfner und Fredinand Otto. (DW/S. Serdar)

Stammtisch: No place like home - Germany's housing crisis

Berlin - Bettina Vestring, Damien McGuinnes, Michaela Küfner und Robin Alexander (DW/K. Brady)

Stammtisch: Brexit Berlin - Not yet auf Wiedersehen!

The trans-Atlantic relationship
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Operation Orpheus - Bundeswehreinsatz in Afghanistan (picture-alliance/JOKER/T. Vog)

US criticizes Germany over defense spending

Is Germany too cheap to lead?

NATO marks 70th anniversary amid trans-Atlantic tension

Visiting Germany
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Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

"Dignity for the Homeless!"

Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

"I want to be provocative, too."

Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

"I want to learn freely!"

Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

"Don't Abort Us!"

Video-Still SoMe DW-Stories Grundgesetz Englisch (DW)

"Affordable housing through expropriation!"

Life in Germany
Brexit: The view from Berlin