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Our environment in pictures
Watch eco africa
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DW Eco Africa - Urban farming in Nigeria

Growth of urban farming systems in Nigeria

DW Eco Africa - e-mobility in Germany

Are e-trucks the future of transport in German cities?

DW Eco Africa - Senegalese disappearing town

The Senegalese town on the verge of disappearance

DW Eco Africa - Art in Ghana's classrooms

Ghana's youth get creative in tackling air pollution

Our energy sources
All creatures great and small
Listen to Living Planet
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Fracking in Patagonien, Argentinien (Observatorio Petrolero Sur)

Argentina's power struggles

Insekten für die menschliche Ernährung (Getty Images/AFP/P. Kittiwongsakul)

Insects as a climate friendly alternative to meat?

Farming cucumbers in Israel

Saving water in Israel

The Debed Canyon in Armenia

Organic farming, a hope for Armenia?

Statue on the Siegessäule in Berlin with a breathing mask

Personal climate action in Berlin

A group of medical students take part in a performance at COP24 in Poland

Could focusing on health help fight climate change?

Rentiere (picture-alliance/blickwinkel/M. Woike)

How is climate change affecting reindeer?

Our land and how we use it
Positive impact
Watch eco india
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DW EcoIndia Sendung 12 (DW)

Saving Delhi's birds of prey

DW EcoIndia Sendung 12 (DW)

Plantable paper and pencils

DW EcoIndia Sendung 12 (DW)

Indian entrepreneurs fight the waste crisis

DW EcoIndia Sendung 12 (DW)

Sheep dung: Fertilizing Rajasthan's fields

EcoIndia 11 (DW)

Designed for durability

EcoIndia 11 (DW)

Why the grass is always greener…