Tomorrow Today Moderators Will Broadcast Live from Events | Tomorrow Today - The Science Magazine | DW | 27.05.2005
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Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow Today Moderators Will Broadcast Live from Events

Experience Tomorrow Today’s Moderators Live

Tomorrow Today moderators Daniela Levy and Ingolf Baur will be on hand at the ARD information center, both to present a variety of topics addressed in DW-TV’s science program and to show visitors just how exciting science can be.

Producing an absorbing report on a scientific topic is challenging. It is a demanding task to present a narrative, for example, which conveys a fundamental research subject in a fascinating light.

Theoretical physics is another field that rarely produces spectacular images -- and it’s a field that’s been unavoidable for science reporters during the Einstein Year. Television journalists and reporters have spent many tortured hours in 2005 trying to convert abstract or highly theoretical topics into interesting stories and pictures. The art of the moderator is no less demanding. In just thirty seconds, they have to introduce the report in such a way that it captures and rivets viewer interest.


Daniela Levy has been working at DW-TV since 1995. She learned journalism from the ground up; after finishing university and journalist training in Munich, she worked in print, radio and television in Germany and Britain. Daniela has always been interested in scientific developments all over the world – especially in topics related to nutrition, health and space. Her dream is to one day travel on a rocket into space to view the earth from orbit.


Ingolf Baur started his career with a classic scientific education in physics, astronomy and biophysics. In the meantime, he acquired experience as a performer, singing onstage in Hamburg.

On Tomorrow Today, Ingolf sees it as his job to introduce complex topics to the show’s viewers in an understandable and graspable way. "It’s always about trends and developments in research in both Germany and Europe," says Baur "and therefore, it affects everyone’s future."

As a moderator on Tomorrow Today, Ingolf Baur brings both his stage presence and his well-founded knowledge of scientific topics into play.

Get to know our moderators in person. After all, they agree with Einstein -- "it’s important that you never stop asking questions".