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Tips to Beat the Cold - how to really warm up cold feet

February 21, 2013

Women suffer especially often from cold feet! Because the have less muscle mass than men, they produce less body heat. We have some simple tips on how to warm your feet up again quickly.


When it’s cold, a protective mechanism triggers in our bodies. To keep vital organs in the center of the body functioning, their temperature has to remain constant. To ensure that, the body restricts blood circulation in the hands and feet. They become cold, as infrared images show. If your feet are always cold, you should ask a doctor’s advice. It could be a sign of an underlying disorder. If you’re healthy, here are a few tips to get your circulation going again.

Tip number 1
Spray your feet and calves with warm water from a hand-held shower nozzle for several minutes, then with cold water for 15 seconds, starting at the tips of the toes. Alternating hot and cold water promotes circulation and energizes the blood vessels.

Tip number 2
The therapeutic effect of alternating hot and cold water can be supported by foot massage. Rub the soles of your feet and your toes with gentle pressure, using circular and stroking motions. A foot massage roller is practical and will stimulate the entire sole of the foot evenly. Sandals with massage nodules energize the blood vessels with every step and are a long-term aid for avoiding cold feet.

Tip number 3
Feet in socks with a large proportion of synthetic fibers soon begin to sweat, and moist feet feel cold more quickly. In cold weather, be sure to wear socks with as much wool as possible: they keep feet dry, and, more importantly, warm.

Our 4th tip
Your entire body reacts to stress. Stress hormones constrict your blood vessels and that can result in cold feet. Even if you’re under time pressure, it’s important to take short breaks occasionally. Sit up straight, inhale and exhale deeply, and let your shoulders fall loosely. That calms your nervous system and helps counter cold feet.

Tip 5
Feet get cold more quickly when the blood is too viscous, resulting in inadequate blood flow. In that case it helps to drink enough – at least two liters of water, herbal tea or thinned juices a day. It’s best to fill a two-liter bottle with a beverage. That way you can keep an eye on how much you actually drink.

Tip number 6
Cold feet at night are uncomfortable and can keep you awake. If your feet are cold when you go to bed, first take a warm foot-bath, then dry your feet thoroughly. Preheat socks on the radiator, put them on, and get under the covers. That way, cold feet will never disturb your slumbers.