There′s more than one way to ride a bike in Germany | Lifestyle | DW | 04.04.2017
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There's more than one way to ride a bike in Germany

Spring has sprung - and Germans have jumped outdoors and on to their bikes. Here are some of the latest technological developments and lifestyle statements in the world of bike riding.

As spring begins, the German government has recently announced an infrastructure project to subsidize bicycle traffic, increasing the annual budget from 60 to 100 million euros (from $64 to $107 million). These funds aim to expand the web of high-speed bike paths free from stoplights, cross traffic, parking cars and delivery trucks that all normally obstruct urban bicycle traffic.

The goal is to entice commuters to abandon their cars and pick up their bikes as a means to get to work. And the boom of e-bikes has given commuters a serious option when faced with traffic jams or overfilled trains.

Bike riding - a lifestyle choice

Bikes are becoming increasingly popular during off hours too. The models to choose from are many and fit every taste and budget. And with their bikes, people make a statement. Designer shops where custom-made bikes are constructed have seen business pick up considerably, as are shops where e-bikes are sold.

With 72 million bike riders rolling across the land, many have two or three models to fit various activities.

Bike tourism is also a booming business, and communities view touristic infrastructure as a wise investment.

This year, as the bicycle celebrates its 200th birthday, it's as popular as ever before. 

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