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The Transparent User

December 17, 2021

What IT giants like Google, Amazon and others know about us is scary! But what do they and their algorithms do with our data? And how much privacy is still possible online?

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Image: Imago Images/Panthermedia/Kentoh
Deutschland | KI - Ausstellung im DHMD
Image: Künstlergruppe LAOKOON

What Google knows about you

That is exactly what the artist group Laokoon show in their online experiment  "Made to Measure"! The result is impressive and scary.



Beschwerdewelle gegen Cookie-Banner gestartet
Image: Lino Mirgeler/dpa/picture alliance

Scandalous or normal?

Today, internet users are tracked online in real time, and their data is sold within milliseconds to advertisers wanting to boost sales with tailored ads.



Symbolbild Künstliche Intelligenz und Algorithmen
Image: picture-alliance/K. Ohlenschläger

When algorithms decide:

Algorithms are increasingly deciding whether we get a loan, or a bonus from our health insurer - and that is partly based on the data trail we leave behind on the internet.



Tablet Benutzer blickt auf ein Facebook Logo Foto xC xHardtx xFuturexImage
Image: imago/Future Image

Do algorithms make radicals?

Do algorithms cause filter bubbles on YouTube and other sites? Two new studies show a differentiated picture.



DW Sendung SHIFT RogerDitter
Image: DW

Self test: Made To Measure

What role does a Golden Retriever play in data protection? And what do computers know about our shift moderator? Roger Ditter bravely tries out the online art project "Made To Measure".




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