The long trip to Europe from the refugees′ perspective | All media content | DW | 01.04.2016
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The long trip to Europe from the refugees' perspective

A boy who is soaking wet, volunteers entertaining children, moments of danger and of joy: #RefugeeCameras shows images taken during the journey to Europe. It is the subject of a new exhibition in Hamburg.

In December, Kevin McElvaney, a young photographer from Germany, went to Izmir, Lesbos, Athens and Idomeni, handing out 15 disposable cameras in waterproof bags to refugees. He also gave them stamped tear-proof envelopes that bore his Hamburg address. Seven cameras were returned to him, and the images retrieved are a key part of the exhibition.

"I want the anonymity of the term 'refugee' to disappear and the human perspective to become tangible," McElvaney said.

The concept of #RefugeeCameras was born at a cooking event with refugees that took place in the same venue that is now hosting the exhibition. "I kept hearing intense stories of escape, but people only had saved a couple of selfies on their mobiles," McElvaney added.