The hipster wave | Culture| Arts, music and lifestyle reporting from Germany | DW | 15.04.2014
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The hipster wave

What's all the fuss about hipsters these days? DW got to the bottom of what they actually are (you're probably more hipster than you think) and where they're all headed now that Berlin is out (watch out, Warsaw).

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Everyone is talking about hipsters. But no one wants to admit to being one. So what are they? DW's Anne-Sophie Brändlin went to Cologne's most hipster neighborhoods to find out how their international residents define the very thing they'd be loathe to become.

Should you nevertheless consider adopting this intangible trend yourself, then follow our 13 steps (just 10 would be #somainstream) to becoming a hipster with the picture gallery on the left.

While Berlin, the world's reigning hipster capital for years, is said to have lost its mojo, insiders are now saying Warsaw may be the next alternative hot spot.

DW's Laura Postma checked it out. But please don't go there, lest it also head down the path of gentrification like the German capital before it.

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