The future of rice farming in Ghana | Africa | DW | 14.01.2022

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The future of rice farming in Ghana

Rice is a major priority crop in West Africa. Nearly 16 million tons are consumed annually. The region wants to become independent of rice imports, but many farmers lack the right tools to achieve that goal.

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It is harvest time at Ibrahim's rice farm. The Ghanaian has spent the last four days harvesting one acre. The only tool he has is a sickle.

Smallholder farmers make up 70% of 7.3 million farmers in Ghana. Most of them have no access to proper farming equipment. There's more demand than supply for such heavy machinery. Only few can afford tractors and other machines.

Rice consumption is expected to grow to around 24 million by 2025 in West Africa. But 60% of rice consumed are imported. Smallholder farmers are crucial to become independent from imports.