The final results at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest | Music | DW | 17.05.2016
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The final results at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest

It was an extremely suspenseful evening. Although Australia was a clear favorite for the national juries, Ukraine won - and Russia came in third. Germany finished last.

From the 42 national juries' point of view, Australia was a clear winner, accumulating 320 points. With the additional points from the public's, that score climbed up to 511.

The contest was filled surprising shifts in rankings until the last second. The two countries with the most votes from the public, revealed at the very end of the show only, were Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine's results were revealed first, placing Jamala's song "1944" above the Australian Dami Im. The song was initially controversial because the contest prohibits explicit political messages: "1944" is about the forced expulsion of Jamala's grandparents from their homeland in Crimea during World War II, albeit with general lyrics, promoting peace.

Then, Russia's results were finally revealed: Although it was the country that got the most votes from the audience, that wasn't enough to make it beat Australia - it landed the third spot.

Germany finished last, with 11 points for the 18-year-old Jamie-Lee.

Find out more about the winners in the gallery above.

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