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Kompostierbare Tragetaschen
Image: picture-alliance/ZB

The Decomposition of Bioplastics

October 15, 2021

Plastic has changed our lives. It's made useful inventions possible but has also massively polluted the environment. How can we recycle plastics better? What could they be replaced with?

Polyester l Kunstfaser, Wintermaterial
Image: Sergiy Tryapitsyn/PantherMedia/Imago Images

Is recycling polyester a good idea?

Polyester is found in many items of clothing. It amounts to more than half of all fiber production worldwide — and like many plastics, is a nightmare for the environment. How well can polyester be recycled?


Schaufeln aus Bioplastik
Image: picture-alliance/dpa/Hannibal

The decomposition of bioplastics

What’s the difference between conventional plastic and bioplastic? And how does bioplastic decompose?



Galaxien Symbolbild
Image: picture-alliance/McPhoto/M. Gann

Just ask!

This week's Tomorrow Today viewer question comes from Mexico: Is the vacuum in space completely empty?




Hamburg Bergedorf Energiecampus CC4E
Image: Joerg Boethling/imago images

Could hydrogen become the 'new oil'?

Hydrogen can do everything that coal, oil, and natural gas can do: absorb, store, and transfer energy. But it can also be highly explosive and dangerous. Could it still be the fuel of the future? 



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