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Metallica releases children's book

Silke Wünsch als
November 25, 2019

With nearly 40 years of history together, the group has a lot of stories to tell — especially for a new generation of fans: "The ABCs of Metallica" looks back at the highlights of the heavy metal band's journey.

Buchcover The ABCs of Metallica mit Howie Abrams
Image: Permuted Press

The band announced back in July that there would be a children's book coming out. Published on November 26, The ABCs of Metallica is a project that's very close to the hearts of all the band's members. After all, they're family people and support charitable causes with their foundation All Within My Hands. Part of the book's proceeds are to flow into the non-profit organization as well.

Beyond the new generation of admirers, the group's die-hard fans will enjoy sharing the band'shistory in rhymes and illustrations with their children — perhaps hoping they will become the next generation of heavy metal talent. 

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Each letter of the alphabet stands for a moment in the history of the band that was founded in 1981. For instance, the letter "K" stands for guitarist Kirk Hammett; as a teaser for the book, he introduces the entry himself on YouTube.

"G" is for Garage Days, referring to the EP of covers released by the band in 1987. The book includes anecdotes about other classic albums, such as Master of Puppets (1986) and St. Anger (2003) and songs — "E" is for Metallica's 1991 hit, "Enter Sandman." The colorful encyclopedia also reveals fun facts about the members of the band.

'C' for Cliff

The book also includes a tribute to bassist Cliff Burton, who died in 1986. The band was involved in a serious accident with their tour bus, which Burton did not survive. US magazine Revolver published the two pages of the book dedicated to "C" for Cliff:

"He played his bass like a master.
His music was a gift to all.
Among the greatest musicians in history,
Cliff Burton will forever stand tall."

Alongside the poem is a drawing of the musician, as always dressed entirely in denim, with a flowing red mane and angel's wings. The band still celebrates him today during their live concerts. 

Cliff Burton Bassist der Band Metallica
Bassist Cliff Burton was killed in a traffic accident involving Metallica's tour bus in Sweden in 1986; he was 24Image: picture-alliance/Photoshot/F. Griffin

The lyrics in the book were written by Howie Abrams, who has published several music books. The illustrations are by graffiti artist Michael "Kaves" McLeer, who also worked on the 2012 exhibition "Obey Your Master," which showed how artists and musicians were inspired by Metallica.

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Master of merch

The book is another addition to the band's extensive merchandising selection. In addition to common accessories, there are also exceptional items like wetsuits for surfers, coolers, Christmas tree ornaments, camping chairs, and cufflinks that cost $250 (€227). The most expensive pieces are the limited edition "Enter Sandman" watches for a whopping $750.