Thai firms on low carbon path | Global Ideas | DW | 13.03.2012
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Global Ideas

Thai firms on low carbon path

Faced with expensive energy and CO2 emissions, Thailand is making energy-efficiency a priority.


Thailand's industries are learning how to cut energy use

Project goal: Improving energy efficiency in industrial production
Project size: Five pilot facilities, training and consultation
Carbon reductions: 3,200 tons a year
Cost savings: 450,000 euros ($342,805) a year

The demand for energy in developing countries is skyrocketing, especially in export-dominated economies. But as consumption climbs, so, too, do energy prices and the burden on the climate. Energy efficiency is becoming ever more important. In Thailand, local energy consultants, with international aid, are working with manufacturing operations to help them slash their energy consumption – all while maintaining or even increasing economic output. The Thai government is hoping to use the project as a model to promote more public consciousness about energy use. Bangkok wants to reduce carbon emissions in the industrial production sector by nearly 20 percent in the coming years.

A film by Thomas Mandlmeier

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Thai industries aim to cut emissions

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