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Syria claims it intercepted Israeli airstrikes in Latakia

May 5, 2021

Syrian state-run media says explosions near the Mediterranean port city of Latakia were caused by air defenses engaging "enemy targets." Syria says one civilian has died and six are wounded.

Israeli F-15 fighter jet
Israeli jets have frequently launched airstrikes against Iranian mlitary targets in Syria.Image: picture-alliance/dpa/J. Hollander

Syrian air defences on Wednesday allegedly engaged an Israeli air offensive in northwestern Syria, the state-run SANA news agency reported.

What does Syria say about the event?

The Israeli attack struck targets in the town of Haffeh in Latakia province. Haffeh lies east of Latakia city, which is the capital of the province.

The operation also targeted the town of Masyaf in Hama province. 

"Our aerial defences intercepted the agressor's missiles and downed some of them," a statement from the Syrian military said. 

Syrian state TV reports one civilian was killed and six were injured from the operation, including a woman and her son.

'A violent confrontation is the last resort'

Why would Israel conduct air strikes in Latakia?

Israel has not yet officially commented on the incident.

Israel has frequently struck Iranian military targets in Syria in its proxy war with Tehran.

If Israel in fact conducted an aerial assault in Latakia province, it could anger Russia, whose military operates an air base in the region.

wd/rt (Reuters, AP)

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