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Sri Lanka: Economic Crisis Fuels Poverty

December 16, 2022

Sri Lanka is deep in crisis and many people are barely able to afford fuel and food. The state lacks the money to help, and it is the poorest who are suffering the most. People like tea picker Nagamma and her family.

Global 3000 Sri Lanka
Image: UNTV


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Global 3000 Peru
Image: UNTV

Peru: High Prices Threaten Businesses

The war in Ukraine is far away from Peru, but people are still feeling the effects. Increased prices make it difficult for many businesses and bankruptcies are on the rise. Ricardo Quispe is fighting for his company.


Plastic Waste: The Criminal Trade Network

Just under 10 percent of the world's plastic is recycled. Some of it ends up being part of a global trading network for plastic waste — with criminals getting in on the act too.


Indonesia: Global Living Room in Java

Casma is a farmer and lives with his wife and two children in a house on the Indonesian island of Java. He belongs to the Baduy people. He shows us his traditional living room.



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