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Special Edition: Elections in South Africa

May 22, 2024

The 77 Percent is in South Africa to take the pulse of the country as it prepares for this year’s elections.


The 77 Percent - The Magazine for Africa's Youth

We ask young people what they expect of their next leader. In our street debate, Edith Kimani finds out how corruption scandals, inequality, and injustice have impacted confidence in South Africa’s democracy. Later we meet an artist who shows us his home city of Soweto.


Family photo of Dianne Hawker with her grandmother (75 years old)
Family photo of Dianne Hawker with her grandmother (75 years old), who was allowed to vote for the first time in 1974.Image: DW

South Africa: When my grandma voted for the first time

30 years ago, South Africa held its first all-race democratic elections. DW's Dianne Hawker shares the story of her grandmother voting for the first time on April 27, 1974, when she was 75 years old.


An array of election posters from various political parties
South Africans go to the polls on May 29 in a highly anticipated and contested electionImage: Themba Hadebe/AP Photo/picture alliance

South Africa elections 2024 - Here are the key issues for young voters

When South African voters go to the polls on May 29, the influence of younger voters will be big. What are the expectations of the youth for their next leader?


Street Debate: Do South African youths still trust political parties?

It’s been 30 years since South Africa’s first democratic elections and at the end of May South Africans have a wide range of political parties to choose from. Yet with several corruption scandals, high levels inequality and unemployment, we wanted to find out in our Street Debate if young people still believe that political parties will fulfill their promises.


South African protesters hold a banner with the inscription: #Put South Africans First
Demonstration against foreigners in South AfricaImage: Milton Maluleque/DW

South Africa: 'Racism makes us less humane'

Anti-immigrant groups like Operation Dudula have attracted frustrated South Africans including older generations who had once fought against South Africa's apartheid regime. We meet two young people who have turned their backs on the racist ideology.


Senzo Nhlapo shows his hometown Soweto

Located on the fringes of Johannesburg, the township of Soweto has been the stage of some of the most pivotal moments in South Africa's history. One of the city's most well-known street artists, Senzo Nhlapo, takes us on a tour of this colorful community.


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