So Much for Old Mother Frost! | Reporter - On Location | DW | 29.02.2020
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So Much for Old Mother Frost!

Despite the lack of natural snow due to climate change, Nico Brinkmann is determined to draw more visitors to Winterberg to ski. He runs several ski-lifts and a hostel in the small town up in the mountains. Artificial snow is his solution.

Watch video 12:35

Nico Brinkmann needs winter. That’s when he makes the most money. People come from all over western Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark to ski in Winterberg. Each time snow falls, the region is quickly flooded with winter sport enthusiasts. And so, operators continue modernizing and expanding their ski lifts, even as the winter season shrinks out of existence. Skiing is not about to stop just because there’s no real snow. Brinkmann is keeping his business going with artificial snow and fighting the crisis in his own way. Seven hundred meters above sea level, he’s found a way to keep the visitors coming, and climate change at bay. A report by Peter Wozny.